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Our Story

We are F.O.B.ers (Fresh Off-the Boat-ers – those that are from a land far far away). What bought us here was a plane, what keeps us here is the WPP (Witness Protection Program). Now you know that blotch of information you are in the inner circle, and will be required to keep that to yourself. You will note that questions are evaded with ease and facial hair changes regularly, to keep our low key profile. We can tell you we came from New Zealand, New Zealand down-under not New Zealand in Souris, PEI, Canada. Don’t ask any more questions and we will not have to tell you any lies.
Now we have given you our deepest darkest secrets we are going to tell you that food, flavour combinations, old-school food notions, contemporary thinking, modern packaging, oral textures and eating are some of our everyday gastronomic concerns that result in bringing you the best we can in culinary fare.
We believe in food without additives and preservatives - Clean Food. We live that belief every day and have for many years. We capture seasonal flavours and combine them with an unexpected twist. Our Wild Berry and Cracked Pepper Jam is not designed for toast, it’s designed for ice-cream. The Apple, Ginger and Chilli Jam is in the guise of a Jam, technically it is due to its sugar content but, it is also a chutney that you can roast with meat or serve with a soft cheese. And when did Plum and Licorice Jam become a paste for lamb chops that caramelises in the broiling process? What we make is not conventional, yet surprisingly fresh in its thinking and somewhat familiar in its flavours. These are not flavours you are unfamiliar with, these are combinations you haven’t thought of. I seek to confuse the brain with a sense of knowing while giving it moments of gentle delight.
Wade Little - Owner
5 Church Street
Murray Harbour
C0A 1V0, PE
Telephone: 902-962-3668
Email: info@edaw.ca